Privacy Policy



  1. Requirements
  2. Definitions
  3. Method of treatment
  4. Application field
  5. Type of Treated data. Source
  6. Purpose of treatment. Consequences lacking conferment
  7. Treatment of hidden data (Site browsing)
  8. Method of treatment, Data conservation and security measures
  9. Communication and disclosure
  10. Officers, co-owners and managers
  11. Duration of conservation
  12. Surfer's rights


1. Requirements


  1. With this Privacy (or "Information"), Fratelli Marzi S.r.l., Tax Code and VAT Number IT03527170488, with registered office in Campi Bisenzio (50013 - FI), Via Bruno Buozzi 149/151 ("Company" or "Marzi"), owner of the data treatment ("Owner"), provides Information for personal data treatment ("Data"), pursuant to article 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 no. 196 ("Privacy Law"), collected via the Internet site reachable from URL: www.marzi.com ("Site").
  2. Refer to the Legal Notices and General Selling Conditions found on the Site for all and any matters not provided by the Privacy.


2. Definitions


  1. The following expressions conventionally indicated with capital letter (whether singular or plural), have the respective meaning:
  • General selling conditions (or "GCOS"): pursuant to telematic transaction, contractual conditions with which Marzi controls the business relations with surfers and buyers (as defined below);
  • Buyer: subject completing the contract with Marzi. Pursuant to the Italian consumer code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005), consumer is the physical person acting for purposes outside the eventually performed entrepreneurial or professional activity ("Consumer") and professional is the physical or legal person acting within his entrepreneurial or professional activity, or his broker ("Professional");
  • Surfer: any subject browsing the Site and that can use the Company's offered services, including Buyers of products offered on the Site;
  • Service: e-commerce platform managing activity aimed at Surfers for the buying and selling of Company products (hats and accessories). In short, thanks to the Service, the Surfers can (i) consult the product catalogues and (ii) purchase on line the Company products. It being understood that the Service is the property of and exclusively referable to the Company that under its discretional and undisputable judgement, autonomously manages it;
  • Parties: Marzi and the Surfer;
  • Transaction: any electronically performed operation entailing the arising of obligations by the Parts;
  • Contract: electronically completed agreement for the buying and selling of one or more Products between the Buyers and Marzi pursuant to GCOS. The Contract is completed in the registered office of Marzi;
  • Data: Surfer's personal data and browsing data pursuant to article 7.


3. Method of treatment


  1. The Owner collects and treats Data in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, non-exaggeration and proportionality established by the Privacy Law. Data is treated by the Owner in compliance with the rules adopted by the Privacy Law and by the guarantor's standard procedure for the protection of personal data ("Privacy Guarantor").


4. Application field


  1. The Information is aimed at all subjects for whatever reason interacting with the Owner, with particular reference but not exclusive to Surfers, whether physical persons, acting personally for professional reasons also, or on behalf of legal persons, companies, bodies, associations.

  2. The Information integrates that from time to time provided verbally and/or in writing by the Owner upon Data collection. The Information is not valid for other eventually consulted websites by the Surfers through the Site (external links).

  3. Marzi reserves the right to change or update this Information, also considering review or integration of the national and/or community discipline of reference. Any new versions of this Privacy will be marked with progressive number starting from "00" and adequately advertised by Marzi in the Site's home page and will be applicable from release date on the Site.


5. Type of Treated data. Source


  1. Data treated by the Owner as "personal data" can be classified as common (not sensitive pursuant to Privacy Law), and can consist of name, surname, residential address, telephone number, e-mail address, tax code and VAT number, id codes for login to Site and reserved area, necessary information for invoicing, save other voluntarily sent data by the Surfer, who is advised not to send sensitive data.

  2. Without prejudice to Data under article 7 (collected during browsing), Data is directly supplied by the Surfer by filling-in the necessary form for registration or to complete Transaction, in compliance with the instructions published on the Site and the GCOS, or through reciprocal exchange of information and communications during pre-contractual negotiations, like contractual proposals, order confirmations, etc.


6. Purpose of treatment. Consequences lacking conferment


  1. The Owner treats Data in order to:
    1. grant registration to Site;
    2. provide contractual assistance before and after, complete Contracts, fulfil the Contract obligations, receive feedback and carry out promotions;
    3. give "Gift Card Marzi" to subjects for whom the Surfer legally treats Data;
    4. allow the Professional to start negotiations to become Marzi dealer;
    5. allow respecting the accessory and/or instrumental legal fulfilments (including tax) to the completed Contract with the Company or other relations between the Professional and Marzi;
    6. analyse the Site browsing methods, produce internet relations, perform surveys, process statistics, treating anonymous Data;
    7. send the Marzi newsletter and business information to the Surfers giving consent.

  2. The form to be filled-in on line (or the paper forms used by the Owner during its activity) clearly indicates the optional or compulsory (*) nature of Data conferment, in order to complete registration and finalise the Transaction in compliance with GCOS. The non-submittal of compulsory Data (that is, essential to complete Transactions) or justified opposition to treat already conferred Data, will prevent completing registration, continuing the pre-contractual negotiations, completing and finalising or executing the Contracts.

  3. Data treated by the Owner and its purposes under points i, ii, iii, iv, v. and vi. fall within the hypothesis for which the Privacy Law does not request the Surfer's consent (article 24). The Owner will collect consent should this be required by the privacy order for the type of Data or treatment purposes, with particular reference to the treatment purposes under point vii.


7. Treatment of hidden data (Site browsing)


  1. Browsing data. During their normal working, the information systems and software procedures responsible for Site operation acquire personal data which transmission is implicit in using Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected for association with identified surfers, but might enable identifying the Surfers, through processing and association of data held by third party, due to the nature of data itself. This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of computers used by the Surfers connecting to the Site, the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, time of request, method used for submitting request to server, the size of file sent in reply, the numerical code indicating state of server's reply (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters concerning the Surfer's operational system and computer environment. This data is only used to obtain anonymous statistical information on the Site's use and to control its correct operation. Data may be used to ascertain responsibilities in case of computer crimes and/or violations of peremptory dispositions damaging the Site and are kept for a time provided by the current regulation.

  2. Cookies. A cookie is a file made of a single text line, temporarily memorised in the Surfer's computer memory ("session" cookie or "temporary") and placed in the hard drive through server of a web page ("long lasting" cookie). Temporary and long lasting cookies are used on the Site for efficient exploring of the Site, facilitating authentication procedures to Site (memorising some data that the Surfer no longer requires entering on subsequent access) and of purchase (memorising the Products inserted in the "trolley"), customise information on the Site and collect anonymous statistics on browsing. Temporary cookies are deleted at the end of every browsing session, whereas long lasting cookies are kept for one year from last access to Site, unless deleted by the Surfer. However, the Surfer can refuse use of temporary and long lasting cookies, automatically foreseen by many browsers, by selecting appropriate setting on one's own browser (the "Internet Options" section from the browser's tool bar indicating how to avoid receiving cookies and other applications used by the browser to trace surfers, how to obtain warning of receipt of said applications from the browser or how to completely disable them). Disabling cookies significantly limits use of Site and can prevent the Surfer taking advantage of the Site's functions. However, the cookies used in the Site avoid using other computer techniques potentially dangerous for Surfers browsing confidentiality and prevent Surfer's identification personal data acquisition (which name, address). The Surfer accepts use of long lasting cookies by using the Site.

  3. Newsletter access data. The newsletter opening data and consultation analysis is only anonymous and is used to provide Marzi statistics on newsletter use, useful for modifying its formal appearance and contents.

  4. Link. The Site may contain links to other sites. The Owner does not have any kind of access or control on cookies and other technologies used to trace surfers on the websites accessed from the Site. Refer to article 7B to delete cookies. The Owner recommends the Surfer reads the privacy policy of third party sites' which the Surfer accesses from the Site to know the personal data collection and treatment methods, as this Privacy only applies to the Site as defined above.

  5. Google. The Site can include Google Analytics, a Google Inc. supplied web analysis service ("Google"), that also works through cookies. Refer to article 7B to delete cookies. The Owner cannot be liable for data treatment through the above-said system, but can only acknowledge guarantees provided by Google. Google respects "Safe Harbor Principles" data protection dispositions and participates in the US Trade Office's "Safe Harbor" program. Information generated by the cookie on surfer's use of Site (including IP address) is transmitted and logged in the Google's server. Google uses this information to trace and examine use of Site. Google can also transfer this information to third party if legally imposed or if said third party treats the information on behalf of Google. Google does not associate the IP address to any other possessed data. Google uses this information to analyse Site browsing habits and provide the Company reports on Site visits. The Surfer agrees to Google treating the above-said data for the stated purposes by browsing the Site, it being understood that Google is the only and exclusive owner (for privacy order) and responsible (civilly and penally) for data treatment through the above system.


8. Method of treatment, Data conservation and security measures


  1. Treatment of Data collected on line mainly happens via IT-tools and logical processes strictly related to the same purpose, adopting measures which guarantee security pursuant to article 11 of the Privacy Law.

  2. Electronic Data is kept on an web farm in Italy. Security measures which control access to reserved areas, redundant saving and firewall are used for keeping Data. Specific security measures are observed to prevent loss of Data, unlawful or incorrect uses, unauthorised Data access. Particularly, Data in Site sections set-up for special services (completion of Transactions) and areas reserved to Buyers, are encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") technology. This codes information and data before they are transferred via Internet between the Surfer's processor and the Company systems. Use of SSL requires a compatible browser able to run the "exchange" of a security key at least 128 bit long, necessary for establishing the above-said safe connection with the Owner's central systems.

  3. Treated Data is not subject to disclosure or is granting to third party foreseen.


9. Communication and disclosure


  1. The Owner commits not to disclose information in its possession for whatever reason. Data can be communicated to the following subjects, who must respect the Privacy Law, maintain treated Data confidential and exclusively use Data for fulfilling their respective tasks.


10. Officers, co-owners and managers


  1. The Owner's appointed directors, partners, employees, collaborators (regardless of the specific contractual title), can treat Data. Particularly, officers are provided with specific prerogatives granting access to Data based on specific tasks covered and undertaken appointments.

  2. The competent authorities and suppliers of some services listed below, must also be considered co-owners or responsible of Data treatment, in compliance with the undertaken appointments and/or legal obligations incumbent on the Owner:
    • IT-systems management;
    • providing (Aperion);
    • mailing (Aperion);
    • tax and legal assistance and advise;
    • payment services management (Banca Sella);
    • shipment and transport (UPS and Bartolini couriers)

  3. Furthermore, Data can be communicated to:
  4. advisors, professionals and third party companies pursuant to article 6 point iv

  5. Mr. Alessio Marzi, domiciled for service c/o Owner's office, (e-mail:info@marzi.com) is responsible for treatment


11. Duration of conservation


  1. Data is kept for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, save compulsory data kept within legal limits. However, until Surfer's consent is revoked (e.g. for sending the Marzi newsletter).


12. Surfer's rights


  1. The Surfer can contact the Owner to exercise the Privacy Law rights (article 7, listed below in its entirety), and specifically, to access Data, request corrections and updates, and oppose to treatment for legitimate reasons by sending a mail to info@marzi.com or fax to +39 055 896.3376.


Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 no. 196

Article 7 (Access rights to personal data and other rights)

  1. The interested party is entitled to obtain confirmation of whether or not his personal data exists, even if not registered yet, and to receive it in comprehensible form
  2. The interested party has right to obtain indication:
    1. on origin of personal data;
    2. of purposes and methods of treatment;
    3. of logic applied if treatment performed with aid of electronic systems;
    4. of owner's, managers' and designated representative's id details, pursuant to article 5, comma 2;
    5. of subjects or categories of subjects to whom personal data can be disclosed or who might become aware of it as designated representative within the State's territory, as managers or officers.
  3. The interested party has right to obtain:
    1. update, rectification or integration (if of interest) of data;
    2. cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data treated in violation of the law, including those not needing to be kept related to the same purpose or subsequently treated;
    3. certificate that the operations under letters a) and b) have been disclosed, also with regard to their content, to those aware of data except where such fulfilment is impossible or entails use of disproportionate means respect to the protected right.
  4. The interested party has right to fully or partially oppose:
    1. to personal data treatment for legitimate reasons, even if of pertinence to collection purpose;
    2. to treatment of his personal data for advertising or direct sale or fulfil market or business communication researches.