The perfect hat for your face shape

by maylyn bertorelli

There is tendency to sometimes avoid wearing certain things because it is believed you might not simply have “the face for it”. Everyone has the perfect face for any and every accessory but, just like our clothes, you have to try on a few and make sure it fits. Here we will discuss which hats best compliment your face shape and which ones to avoid. Always remember to take into consideration contrasts between your hair and hat! For example, if you have blonde hair, a darker shade hat would be best!

All hats shown are from the Marzi Spring/Summer 2021 collection or the Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Collection!


A square frame has the strongest facial features so trying to find the best hat-to-fit can be difficult sometimes. The trick is to contrast! Soften your natural, sharp lines with hats such as cloche, floppy, wide-brimmed hat! The Floppy hats large but easy shape softens the strong lines in the chin and Fedoras will narrow the face because of its wide brim and lengthens the face from the high crown. Another tip is to find hats with a body that directly cut across the forehead to prevent elongation of the face. For this reason, we rated beanies as a yes and a no for people with this face structure. Though beanies pliable form softens that strong jaw line, it does slightly elongate the face. 

Y E S - Wide brimmed, Cloche, Floppy, Fedora, Beret, 

N O - Boater, Breton, Pillbox, Beanie


When it comes to having a round face structure, the rule is simple: go for hats with your exact opposite features! Hats such as the fedora will elongate the face because of its high crown. Floppy hats, wide-brimmed hats as well as Fedoras narrow the face by contrast because of the brim! The body of Breton hats will also give the face more structure. Avoid hats such as a Boater or a Beanie; The beanie will elongate the face more into an oval shape and the Boater hat mirrors the shape of the round frame!

Y E S - Wide Brimmed, Floppy, Fedora

N O - Beret ,Boater, Pillbox, baseball


If you are someone with an oval-shape face, you basically can pull off any kind of hat style there is! However, there is one that should be avoided: Fedoras. Because of the naturally elongated face structure, we want to avoid extending that shape. Which is why with beanies, you have to be careful! Beanies naturally elongate the face but, by simply wearing it further down the line of your forehead, you can diminish any unnecessary length. Boater hats are a great look because the circle shape of this hat widens the silhouette of the face. Avoid hats with higher crowns or have a lot of height to compliment your frame best! 

  Y E S - Wide Brimmed, Floppy, Feret, Boater, Pillbox, Breton 

  N O - Fedoras


Having a heart-shaped face can be particular to pair with. The hats you will benefit from most are wide-brimmed, Boater or Breton hats. The frame of the hat cuts across the forehead to elude exaggeration of a long face and an angled brim will defocus the width of the top of the head and the jaw line. Floppy hats, Fedoras and Beanies we rated as a yes and no. Though Floppy hats adds width to the jawline, the added volume around the top of the face may look exaggerated. Beanies fluffy shape and textures may soften the chin, but it will create further length to the face. 

Y E S - Wide brimmed, Floppy,Beret,Boater, Beanie

N O - Fedora,baseball cap,pillbox

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