by maylyn bertorelli

Here at Marzi we produce original hats made from high quality fabrics and materials. It is known that we have our two lines: Marzi Red and Marzi Black. The Red line produces street-wear hats, so they’re more casual while the Marzi Black line produces hats that are more elegant, for events such as horse raises or ceremonies.
Within the Black line, our hats are known to be a bit more showy, lavish, and extravagant. These elements on an accessory can create difficulty when it comes time to pairing them. Though our most ornate hats are usually for weddings and events such as a derbies,there are also some that sit between the line of “deluxe” and “blase’”.
We selected 5 hats from our Spring/Summer 2021 Marzi Black collection that we believe are the most particular to pair outside of the ceremony and special event category. These hats have such an unprecedented look, we want them to be an admiring, fluid feature of your outfit. Below we give style and color pairing tips for each hat!

From the material, to the colors and the design, this cloche is unique on many levels. Its made from a sisal-crinoline that makes it very light weight and semi-transparent. The shape respects that of a general cloche, naturally caving around the head. The special feature of this design is the ribbon-like wave that appears from under the thick strap that wraps around the hat.
The base of the hat is a very pale teal and the strap is a cerulean blue. Since were working with two shades of diverse blues, we want to find the best colors to compliment one another as well as the silhouette. We find using shades of cream-white, beige or butter-yellow work best with its color palette.
For this kind of hat, don’t wear anything too voluminous! The natural caving shape of the cloche brings the eye downward, so we want something fitted but not tight! We recommend going more for a column silhouette; this can be achieved simply with a midi-dress or even long, wide jeans and a loose, spaghetti-strap top.

The Boater hat has a classic, fun shape that has been seen in many colors and sizes. The one from our Marzi Black collection this season, has proven to be quite particular. Its made in a mechanical braid with a tube wrapped around the crown of the hat that is covered in crystals!
The base of the hat is an ivory white and at the edges of the brim there's a sharp, definitive line drawn where a contrasting shadow-grey starts. The tube is a simple white but the crystals shimmer in the light showing colors of pink and blue.
The color scheme of this hat as well of the shape is very playful so we have to be careful in terms of color-pairing with the outfit. Otherwise, you could go from chic to ice-cream-parlor-employee. Besides matching with the shades of the hat itself, we also recommend powder blue, crimson red, army green and raspberry red.
This seasons fashion with such a notable accessory looks best with long, sleeveless jumpsuits, or Bermuda shorts with lightweight sweaters or long-sleeve tops or simple loose-fit summer dresses. Avoid patterns or intense print. The hat already generates a lot of attention, so we want to keep the outfits easy and light!

The hat lives up to its name; it truly is fascinating. This piece is also made of a mechanical braid but in lurex, that has a touch of a small, silver, flower charm on the front and a towering wave that stretches above the head.
The serpent-shape structure will surely be the talk of your outfit! Though most fascinator hats are usually seen at horse-races, don’t let that limit you to showing off a creative piece in your daily life! This piece is all in black but, it also comes in gold and silver! But, we will be focusing on pairing the black one!
It goes without saying, black goes with everything! We chose colors that we feel would best suit the mood of this particular hat. Shades such as sand/beige, green, turquoise, ash grey and classic black work well with this piece!
Because this hat has a feature of artificial height, we want to keep the outfit rather chic and simple so we don't risk over complicating the aesthetic. We can achieve this with easy, midi dresses, or maxi skirts with simple long-sleeve tops accessorized with minimal jewelry such as one-charm necklaces.

The shape of this hat is very similar to the cloche, but creates more of a hooded effect around the head. Made from a mechanical braid, this rose-red mushroom hat with a cherry red ribbon around the base will make heads turn just because of its shape; it rests between a cloche and a kind of beret.
We find shades of turquoise and greys work best with this hat but avoid adding additional shades of red to your look! The outfit can be more driven towards street-chic. A pair of mom jeans, a simple graphic tee and an oversized blazer or light weight trench coat will take this hat from “how do I wear this?” to “I wear this with too many outfits!”

Last but certainly not least; this pill box hat sits more like a kind of halo (though its not a halo hat). Its also done with a mechanical braid with a flat bow resting at the top-temple of the head. The entire color of this hat is a Tuscan yellow which on top of the form of this hat, it can be difficult to match with, but its not impossible!
White, light blue, navy blue, teal and straw yellow works best with this hat! In terms of outfit we believe a pencil skirt or skinny jeans with an oversized top look great as well as a simple coat or wrap-dress!

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