Styling our 4 most unique hats from the FW21/22 collection

by maylyn bertorelli

Its that time of the year again; the leaves are changing color, our clothes are thicker,  heavier, and the holidays are around the corner. In general, theres a lot to look forward to during the fall/winter time. Besides the hot coco and the presents, its a great time to be inspired! The bi-annual fashion week has taken place and the newest looks and moods have been strutted to the world.

Our Fall/Winter collection was debut and published on our website around the beginning of September. We couldn’t wait to share our newest designs and ideas with everyone! This years collection was heavily influenced by shapes and complimenting them witih materials we hand-selected and paired. 

The shapes created go slightly outside of a traditional hat you would see out on the streets. We want to have our client stand out as uniquely and elegantly as possible. Below are four of our unique-favorites from this seasons collections and what colors and outfits go best with them!

Our pillbox hat in a velour combination has a strong presence from the moment its seen. From the netting to the defined wave placed thoughtfully, theres a lot of attention naturally drawn to it. This hat also comes in four color combinations! Navy/Black (as seen above), red/black, Camel/Black and Grey/Black.  But we will be working with pairing specifically the Navy/Black. This color combintion works best with whites, shades of beige, emerald green and pops of colors such as yellow and red. Take a spin on a classic and pair this with a trench coat or even as simple as a navy turtle neck with simple jeans. Our goal is to give this hat all the attention it deserves!

They don’t call it a mushroom hat for nothing! This curvy shaped hat in velour gives a classy-hooded look to any wearer. It comes in navy, bordeaux, dark brown and black (as seen). With such an original shape, it can be difficult to create an original outfit.  Because the brim extends and points downwards, we recommend a column-silhouette. Nothing too tight nor over-sized.  Some wide-leg palazzo pants and a button-up shirt make for a simple but effective look.

One of our favorites from this list, the felt turban in rabbit. This bulbus accessory has a large but smooth shape that creates a very particular silhouette to work with. This dark-stone shade works best with beige and fern-green colors. We recommend large pea-coats to compliment the shape of the hat and wide-leg trousers with a simple top such as a button up or long-sleeve shirt. 

Last but not least, our headband made from horse-hair (comes in black only). This tall accessory is great for any event, party, or spicing up and every-day outfit. Whos to say you cant wear something extravagent during casual days?  For parties, a cocktail dress would be the perfect match. The shorter-length look gives more attention and height to this flashy piece. If you’re looking to give san ornate touch to a casual outfit, let this headband shine! You could be as bold as to wear it with slim jeans and a t-shirt. We want to keep the outfit easy and the accessory loud.