Unique style, handcrafted quality

Pillbox zama gold
Pillbox in parasisal black with ostrich feathers and zama gold (Code E20035)

Pillbox veil and studs
Pillbox in parasisal salmon with veil and gold studs (Code E20039)

Capelina veil and studs
Capelina in parasisal grey pearl with veil and silver studs (Code E20038)

Saucer natural straw
Saucer hat in natural straw with braid violet and little ball of paillettes (E20054)

Cloche Magnolia
Cloche in braid ivory and brim in parasisal natural (Code E20016)

Hat feathers and bow
Hat in parasisal and sisal color butter with feathers and bow back (Code E20033)

Fedora braid
Fedora in synthetic braid color natural, silver lurex and grey (Code E20011)

Spanish hat braid
Spanish hat in synthetic braid color white, gold lurex and blue royal (Code E20013)