Spring/Summer 2022 hat trends

by Admin Admin

We have finally made it through the winter, the heavy coats are coming off and the short sleeves are coming back on. That also means good-bye beanies and hello sun-hats! This years bi-annual fashion show has showcased more hats that range from the classic baseball to avant-garde forms.

 As a brand specializing in such a favored accessory, we are naturally one step ahead of the crowd in following this seasons favorite looks. Below are some of the top three trending hat categories for this Spring/Summer 2022 all from the Marzi collection.


Breton & Baseballs

Something casual and sporty is always a must in the top trends: The breton and baseball hats will forever always be a classic-modern item such as a trench coat. We kept it light (weight) by utlizing fabrics such as linen and even straw that creates new looks even with classic forms.


Long ribbons

A simple touch goes a  l o n g  way. The addition of the long straps/ribbons gives a bit more color and functionality to each  hat as well as a different look depending on the presentation of the ribbons. Leaving them out loosely gives a casual care-free look, while creating a bow tie under the chin will give more of a feminine look. A simple low knot gives a more sporty look. Needless to say, there are a lot of looks in this one style.


Large turn ups and shapes

Another large trends; large hats! Especially exaggerated pieces with a big ‘turn up’ in the front of the hat. The creations are large but light weight like gigantic feathers. The curves and turn-ups on the hats are done with a technique to create a natural flow in the structure to seem like a balanced wave. In return, we believe that these looks can be daringly paired with almost any spring/summer look. Its all about the attitude and the execution.