by maylyn bertorelli

Your outfit of the day is a general translation of your mood and how you are going to confront what will be ahead of you. But, what if a part of your outfit had an additional feature? What if that feature was a completely different look? How would you style it?

Reversible clothing is nothing new in the fashion world but, it is one that has recently become more of a popular feature on garments and accessories. This characteristic can be difficult to pair depending on the kind of look you want as well as trying to find the time to get your ideal outfit together.

Below are 4 of our most popular reversible hats available from the Spring/Summer 2021 Marzi Red (Street) collection and some effortlessly chic outfit ideas to pair them with during the warm weather.

Bucket hats have been the hat of choice these recent years amongst the styles of street/casual wear. Depending what fabric is on the other side, it can change the concept of your outfit completely. At the fact that this is simple denim versus a tartan fabric, a concept of 90's inspired aesthetic would be the best pick.

We recommend a fitted or oversized button-up in denim, jeans, both in the same wash color as the denim side of the hat, and a simple white tee. There is the element of having an all-matching outfit on one side but, if you chose the lime side of the hat, we have a pop of color to all the denim!

Our reversible Breton cap is the perfect vibe for Spring and Fall! One side is a solid, vibrant shade while the other is an abundance of metallic-like stripes from our turkana fabric. At the fact we could pair this outfit with 2 different seasons, its important to find some common ground without giving a "taxi-cab-driver'' look.

A maroon or dark brown skirt with a lightweight beige sweater and a black asymmetrical motorcycle jacket is the perfect balance between spring and fall wear outfits. Either side of this hat worn with this kind of outfit pairs easily giving simple, street chic vibes!

Whether it is a rainy day or an extremely sunny day, our large floppy hat has (literally) got you covered! This particular hat has two polar opposite color moods from each other, so its important that they are combined thoughtfully. Here, we will show two outfits (depending on if it is a sunny or rainy) to wear with this diverse accessory.

This matches beautifully with shades of a pink blush, light beige, and Bismarck blues. On that sunny day, keep it simple with a long maxi dress in one of the listed color shades and a pair of simple Romano sandals. Great look for the beach or on the go!
During the grey day, keep it classic with a beige trench, a simple white button up or tee and Bismarck blue or stone-colored pants. lt is the perfect London inspired look.

 The cloche hat has almost the same appearance as a bucket hat, but its more fitted around the head, creating more of a rounded look. The pale lime colored fabric paired reversibly with the multi color turkana fabric gives a fresh spring/summer vibe. A simple dress in a blush, sky blue, pale green or lemon color shade or a lightly printed/patterned dress would be the perfect match! The general silhouette and outfit create a very 60s inspired look that suits your daily errands and any occasions in between!

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