by maylyn bertorelli

The warm weather days are back so that means those summer vacations you have been planning for are finally just around the corner!

Whether you are going to the beach, city, or even simply just visiting family, we want you to feel and look your best! We believe that planning your outfits and accessories is just as important as the time taken to plan the vacation. It goes with the simple saying; if you look good, you feel good!

Below are styled outfit ideas paired with our hats from the Spring/Summer 2021 collection for the classic summer-vacation locations as well as how to pack your hats!

If you are just bringing a weekend bag or a suitcase, we want to make sure that the hat(s) you pack arrive at the destination as securely as you did!

We start with the classic vacation spot, the beach! Whether you are going to a tropical location or a local place, we recommend keeping it simple.  The general attire outside of the bathing suit/bikini is a simple throw-over dress or shorts with a top or t-shirt. So, we do not want to emphasize anything that is naturally uncomplicated. Keep the outfit as relaxed as your mood!

 Additionally, if you are going to be in an environment where the hat could get wet or sand on it easily, we want to bring the ones that we can dust off, clean, and dry quickly!  

We chose a few different styles for this category. Depending on which city is your destination, the atmosphere could be completely different. Maybe what you would wear going to a place such as New York City would not match the scene if you went to another city such as Rome. Here we categorized the hat inspirations to a few kinds of city environments so, no matter which city you go to, there is the Marzi aesthetic in mind!

The setting of going on trips that are inclusive such as resorts or a cruise are generally effortless and possess luxurious events or atmospheres. Usually on every cruise, there is at least one evening where all passengers are asked to dress rather formally. If you are heading to a resort, depending on location as well as the resorts rating, the routine dress might be something consistently proper. While planning your attire for the leisurely trip, we advise outfits that are refined to the deluxe environments without exaggerating!

We define a simple vacation into many categories; visiting family, the countryside, a place nearby or simply just having a “stay-cation” and throwing parties at the house and/or purely enjoying your hometown. Whatever it may be, they all share the same common ground, keeping it casual and easy. But just because were spending our free days in a moderate way, does not mean we have to be moderate too! We share some ideas of how to keep it light and effective during those much-needed free days.


Now that you know where you are going, the next step is to pack. We always recommend simply wearing your hat on your trip or carrying it with you to refrain from the idea of damaging in the suitcase, but we understand that maybe it may not go with your travel-wear or, maybe you have packed more than one.

If you are able to carry it with you and its also a hat with a firm shape, remember to place it flat onto a surface (such as your suitcase in the overhead bin of an airplane) before you start your journey!

Depending on your destination, you might change your mind of which hats you might bring and depending on your choice, it could be a little tricky to pack them in your suitcase/weekend bag.

Packing a bucket hat, beanie, or a soft beret is relatively easy and requires just simply folding it along with your items. If you find it to be a little wrinkly or misshapen in anyway, steaming it or a quick run with the iron will pop it right back into shape.

Hats such as the Breton or baseball caps are just as straightforward in packing. Only thing to be cautious of is not to bend or crush the brim. If your worried about crushing the shape in anyway, add a few items inside the hat such as socks, shirts, or sweaters to fill its natural shape.

But what if your hat is made out of a rigid material or has a stiff shape? We want to give extra attention to not damaging the body and frame of the hat. We found that the best method is to turn the hat upside down inside your bag, pack around the shape and lightly stuff the crown of the hat with soft items as we mentioned before (socks, shirts, etc.) Always be sure the hat does not crush flat before fully closing your suitcase!

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