4 TRENDING HAT STYLES for Spring/Summer 2021

by maylyn bertorelli

The trend forecasters have spoken, and the designers have listened! A new season of trending hat styles has hit the runway, and everyone caught the craze. Hats have been the latest must-have accessory during these recent fashion week years. It is an effortless accessory that comes in countless forms, fabrics, and colors. What is there not to love? In our opinion, with all these options, everyone is a hat person! Be sure that during these sunny seasons you are on top of the latest looks and trends!

(all hats displayed are from the Spring/Summer Marzi Firenze Collections)


Bucket hats bring an effortless vibe of chic and cool to any outfit. It is not hard to see why they have taken over as the hat of choice in street-wear the recent years. The latest trends are similar to those of the straw and raffia hats; they are frayed, have texture, and there is a use of unique colors and fabrics that can be applied to this style of hat, making it such a desirable accessory.

TREND 02 & 03

We firstly have the classic straw and raffia hats that come naturally and classically with every Summer with a twist. The new styles of a straw and raffia hat are not as soft as before. These hats are being seen with long ribbons, chains, charms, frayed ends and contrasting colors. The general body of these hats are wide brimmed and bring the natural statement to your outfit, so do not over complicate your outfit while wearing such an ambitious piece.


Another classic summer piece hits the runway fiercely. What used to be just a beachwear item is now a must-have accessory that adds a flare of style to any outfit. Forget the typical visor shape and the cheap plastic brims, these visors are big, bold, and have large bodies; Some even extending past or wrapping around the face! They are being seen in luxury fabrics and/or with vibrant colors that effortlessly bring a statement to any outfit!

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