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Amount should not be higher than €350.00 and less than €0.00

Gitf Card Marzi

For a special occasion, for a person who always wants to be trendy, for an impeccable look for every situation or for hundred other reasons: a Gift Card Marzi.

The Gift Card Marzi is valid for online purchases of every product which is available on the website Marzi.com and offers the owner the possibility to choose among all the hats of the collection the one which matches most with his personality.

The Gift Card Marzi can be purchased for 50-100-150-200-250-300-350 Euro, it has a validity of 6 months and it will be send via e-mail to the person indicated by you with a personal message.

The Gift Card Marzi can be used for one or more purchases until the complete consumption of its value. If the value of the purchase surmounts the value of the giftcard, a partial payment is also possible.

Use the Gift Card Marziis very easy: in the moment of the purchase you simply have to enter the code from your e-mail in the space “Marzi Code”: the amount of your cart will be automatically decreased.

The Gift Card Marzi:

  • It is not possible to purchase more Gift Cards
  • It is not exchangable in cash
  • Not included eventual costumer payments, which have to be paid by the recipient of the freight itself:
    1. for purchases within the European Union aren’t requested any import duties
    2. for purchases outside the European Union are requested import duties
    3. for purchases towards countries with prices “all inclusive” import duties aren’t requested

The orders realized with the Gift Card Marzi can be exchanged; the amount which corresponds to the value of the goods you want to exchange can be posted back on your Gift Card or be used for another purchase

The Gift Card Marzi will be send to the e-mail address which was indicated in the moment of the order. In the event that the Gift Card Marzi is sent to the wrong or incomplete address, Marzi cannot be held responsible.