Fedora Velour with chain
Fedora in velour black with chain

Fedora velour leopard
Fedora in velour leopard with application in leather

Fedora lapin with leather
Fedora in lapin dark grey with application in leather

Cappellina velour with feathers
Cappellina in velour dark grey with feathers

Fedora little velour with crystals
Little fedora in velour blu navy with crystals

Little hat in velour with crystals
Little hat in velour black with crystals

Little Fedora in velour with leaves
Little fedora in velour violet with black leaves

Big hat in lapin bicolor
Big hat in lapin black with application in lapin white and studs

Pillbox in velour with paillettes
Pillbox in black velour with paillettes dark grey

Pillbox in velour with feather
Pillbox in velour bordeaux with black feather

Turbant velvet
Turbant in black velvet