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Unique style, handcrafted quality

Silver Turban
Silver lurex turban

Fedora bicolor
Fedora bicolor tesa larga rosso e nero in lana

Black pillbox hat
Black wool pillbox hat with a pailletes net and an eco-fur pon pon  More

Pailletes pillbox hat
Black pailletes pillbox hat with a black feather.

Black pillbox hat with veil
Black wool pillbox hat. Veil, feather and a big stone on the right side finished the style.

Rabbit felt hat with strass
Grey rabbit felt hat with an elegant strass chain.

Rabbit felt & Cavallino leather Fedora
Dark brown rabbit felt Fedora finished with laminated Cavallino leather band

Rabbit felt and feathers Fedora XL
Brown rabbit felt Fedora XL with feathers details.